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A Life Between Life session is a quest for the sacred self.  One session with Hilda Blair was a journey that helped me to better understand my higher self and my life’s purpose.  As a hypnotherapist myself and a college professor, I can say that Hilda is a gifted hypnotherapist who--both professionally and intuitively--knows how to bring a subject easily into altered states of consciousness where they can experience vivid, life between life moments, glean deep spiritual information about how to best navigate their life path, while unearthing and removing layers of psychological baggage so they can move more easily toward physical and spiritual health.  Thanks, Hilda for a remarkable session!  --Pamela Hughes MFA, CHT, ATP







In the midst of blinding grief following my husband's sudden illness and death at a young age, I discovered Hilda's practice and immediately scheduled an appointment. Although I was nervous, Hilda's manner and technique guided me through an incredible yet natural experience into the spirit world, leaving me with a sense of awe and gratitude beyond words. Through this experience I gained invaluable insight into my own existence in this life, and many unanswered questions surrounding my husband's demise as well as karmic relationships within our family. I grow stronger since this experience, confident in myself and my role here with our young son.





I thoroughly enjoyed the life between life session.  It brought me a sense of clarity, and an understanding of my past, and the reasons for my challenges, and gifts today.  Exploring where I came from through your guidance, made me feel more comfortable in opening up to my soul’s awareness.  I became greater in tuned to gifts, and relationships that mirrored aspects of myself.


Hilda’s calm and gentle, yet direct and supportive way assisted me in going deeper within myself, through the life between life session.  I feel reassured in my inherent gifts, and a sense of satisfaction and empowerment inside myself.


I encourage anyone who is interested in discovering aspects of themselves, whether because of challenges or an interest in being more introspective, to explore their journey in a session with Hilda.


Peace and Blessings,


Marni Greenwald



Thank you for an amazing session.  There were so many powerful revelations that impacted my 

view of life now, and my life’s purpose.  This wonderful LBL session changes my outlook and understanding of my power here in this time. 


I applaud your work and am grateful that you shared your wonderful gifts with me!  Thanks again.

Yours in Light and Love,




After reading Journey of Souls I was somewhat curious about myself in that respect. What an experience! Thank you Hilda for your kindness, understanding and guidance throughout the Journey. My questions were answered and information was confirmed about my life path. The validation alone was worth the cost. I would highly recommend this process to anyone seeking answers to their current circumstances or life purpose. Meeting with my soul guide was one of the most comforting experiences I've ever had.


Diane Howe

The Open Lotus




I thoroughly enjoyed my LBL session with Hilda.  She was very skilled at guiding me into a relaxed state in a short amount of time.  She asked the perfect questions to deliver the experience I needed to grow as a soul.  I would highly recommend an LBL session with Hilda.


Dr. Rob Wood, DC 




“Thank you so much for your workshop.  I needed this so badly.  I loved the meditation - it was so powerful!  You are an angel brought to earth, I swear. You have made my belief in angels stronger and I feel even lighter - more at peace.”


“It was a wonderful, fulfilling, uplifting workshop - informative -.  I am so glad I allowed myself to attend and heard the healing messages from the angels.”


“Wonderful meditation.  You are a lovely, centered and balanced teacher with a wealth of information  It was a blessing to have shared this afternoon with you.  Thank you.”


“I felt the workshop was wonderful.  I really enjoyed every aspect of it.”


”Thank you.  This was just what I needed.  I have been on a spiritual break and it was uplifting and motivational.  Truly a blessing.”   

Client Testimonials

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