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There can be many stops in the spirit world; one more fascinating than the next.  In a life between life regression you are guided to your most recent past life, and to your last day in that life.  Then the fun begins when you are guided to the higher realm of the spirit world.  You may communicate with your spirit guide, ask questions, meet soul groups, and gain tremendous insight into your current existence.


During a life between life hypnotherapy regression session individuals derive an enhanced understanding of why they have taken birth, why they have had to face the challenges that have arisen during the course of life, and what needs of their soul are being fulfilled in passing through these experiences.  The precious opportunity for spiritual evolution in our life can now be met with excitement and understanding. 



Many methods to promote access to higher spiritual states of consciousness have been developed in the past.  At this time in history there is a need for transcendent spiritual experiences to be made available to everyone who is looking for a clearer insight into the questions of “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” This procedure was first documented by Michael Newton, PhD. in his book “Journey of Souls” and continued in his book “Destiny of Souls”




This procedure requires a very deep relaxed state of hypnosis.  A session may last 3 or more hours.  The sessions begin with a slow guided relaxation, a review of certain times in the current life, a past life regression, a life between life regression, and finally a review of the whole experience.



Life Between Life Regressions certified by the Newton Institute

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